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Patrick Rall's Homepage

I am a Research Staff Member at the IBM Quantum. I work at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, MA.

I obtained my PhD in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2021 where I was advised by Scott Aaronson. Prior to that I completed my undergraduate studies at the California Institute of Technology where I studied Physics and Computer Science under John Preskill.

Curriculum Vitae

Research at IBM Quantum

Using a Quasi-Cyclic LDPC code as a memory for a Surface Code. SeearXiv:2308.07915.

Aug 24 2023: Elisa Bäumer, Vinay Tripathi, Derek S. Wang, PR, Edward H. Chen, Swarnadeep Majumder, Alireza Seif, Zlatko K. Minev Efficient Long-Range Entanglement using Dynamic Circuits


Aug 16 2023: Sergey Bravyi, Andrew W. Cross, Jay M. Gambetta, Dmitri Maslov, PR, Theodore J. Yoder High-threshold and low-overhead fault-tolerant quantum memory


Feb 13 2023: Willers Yang, PR. Harnessing the Power of Long-Range Entanglement for Clifford Circuit Synthesis

arXiv:2302.06537 Poster for TQC 2023
Quantum circuit diagram of a linear combination of unitaries.

Oct 4 2022: PR, Chunhao Wang, Pawel Wocjan. Thermal State Preparation via Rounding Promises

Quantum 7, 1132 arXiv:2210.01670 Poster for QIP, TQC 2023

Jul 18 2022: PR, Bryce Fuller. Amplitude estimation from Quantum Signal Processing

arXiv:2207.08628 Slides Quantum 7, 937

Research at UT Austin

Oct 2021: Dissertation: Quantum Algorithms and Monte Carlo Estimation

Defense Slides Defense Recording Dissertation
An implementation of Grover's algorithm in Qumquat.

Oct 28 2021: Jason Pollack, PR, Andrea Rocchetto. Understanding holographic error correction via unique algebras and atomic examples

JHEP06 56 arXiv:2110.14691

Sep 29 2021: Logan Hillberry, Matthew Jones, David Vargas, PR, Nicole Yunger Halpern, Ning Bao, Simone Notarnicola, Simone Montangero, Lincoln Carr. Entangled quantum cellular automata, physical complexity, and Goldilocks rules

Quantum Sci. Technol. 6 045017

Mar 17 2021: Faster Coherent Quantum Algorithms for Phase, Energy, and Amplitude Estimation

Quantum 5, 566 arXiv:2103.09717 Slides
A visualization of magic state distillation that won an honorable mention at UT Austin Visualizing Science 2017.

Apr 14 2020: Quantum Algorithms for Estimating Physical Quantities using Block-Encodings

Phys. Rev. A 102, 022408 arXiv:2004.06832 Slides

Aug 28 2019: Scott Aaronson, PR. Quantum Approximate Counting, Simplified


Jan 25 2019: PR, Daniel Liang, Jeremy Cook, William Kretschmer. Simulation of Qubit Quantum Circuits via Pauli Propagation

arXiv:1901.09070 Slides Poster

Fall 2018: Qumquat: An experimental high-level quantum programming language


Apr 15 2018: Simulating Quantum Circuits by Shuffling Paulis

Image of a rotating neutron star according to our simulations.

May 4 2018: Devanshu Panchal, PR. Visualizing Spacetime around Black Holes and Neutron Stars

Manuscript GitHub

Aug 30 2017: Fractal Properties of Magic State Distillation


Feb 22 2017: Signed quantum weight enumerators characterize qubit magic state distillation


Pre-Graduate Research

2016-17: PR, Iskren Vankov. Quantum Circuit Simulator

GitHub Slides

2015: Quantum Cellular Automata for the Analysis of Entanglement Complexity in Quantum Many-Body Systems

Evolution of a quantum block cellular automaton.

2013: Laksh Bhasin, PR. A Brute-Force Approach to Fiber-Optic Sensors: Achieving High-Precision Results with Low-Resolution SLED-Based Spectrometers


2011: Fengning Ding, Jason Liu, PR. Orbit Determination of 1951 Lick


2010, 2012: Evaluation of Jet Reconstruction Algorithms for a Measurement of the Top-Quark Mass in the tt-bar to lepton+jets Channel at ATLAS

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